About the Illustrator

Kelsey C. Roy, connoisseur of cute kittens & mismatched socks

Kelsey C. Roy started drawing when she was three years old and has never stopped. A recent graduate of the esteemed Columbia Publishing Course in New York City, Kelsey got her undergraduate degree from the University of Tennessee. At UT, She was part of the interdisciplinary College Scholars honors program, where she was able to combine her love of the written and visual languages to create her own unique emphasis of study—children’s book narrative and illustration. Between attending classes, Kelsey wrote an original comic strip, Coffey & Ink, which was printed bi-weekly in the student newspaper. In 2011, prior to receiving her bachelor’s degree, Kelsey wrote, illustrated, and self-published her first children’s book, Nemanee. The Banana Police is the third children’s book she has illustrated. She also speaks at schools across the country about her love of storytelling and mismatched socks. Kelsey continues to write and illustrate (when her kittens Amelie and Pontoof allow) from her home in Knoxville, Tennessee.

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