Reader reviews

Why readers are hungry for The Banana Police


rating-stars - Version 3Lovely tale with nice humor and pleasing ecological overtones   Clever details entertain while simultaneously teaching the powers of observation. And double-page spreads read left to right in pictures as well as words, giving the perfect introduction for listeners just learning how to read. The humor’s unforced, happy and entertaining. The story’s pleasingly predictable while filled with enjoyably unexpected details. Language is simply and clear, sentences nicely constructed with just the right amount of repetition and challenge, and the whole is a thoroughly enjoyable children’s book to be treasured and read over again.–Sheila Deeth

rating-stars - Version 2Great Book – Very Funny!  We read this book this morning and my kids absolutely loved it! Even more reason to wear glow in the dark and light up sneakers – in case of a banana emergency! My kids really enjoyed the book and giggled at the people eating bananas in the shower and the banana trees in the pool! Plus, so many banana recipe ideas! What a wonderful children’s book!–Nina Holstead

 rating-stars - Version 2Insightful and witty  This wonderful book is insightful and witty. Katy is a magician with words. A must read for children of all ages. –Dale Goldstein

rating-stars - Version 2Super Cute Story!  We read Banana Police last night and my kids loved it! Favorite picture is Mr. Mayor in his feetie pajamas! They laughed out loud! Cute story with a nice message. –Tiffany

rating-stars - Version 2A Pachydermic Delight!  I know the little girl for whom this tale was written, and she loves the book — and you will, too! The Banana Police is a wonderful story that will delight and enthrall children of all ages. Marvelous and clever illustrations complete this literary package of pachydermic proportions. This children’s book makes a superb gift for anyone seeking a fine author’s children’s book debut. –Steven Friedlander

rating-stars - Version 2Great Story Line & Message   Perfect message for today’s world and to get it out in such a beautiful and fun way – love it, love it, love it!!! –Colby McLemore

rating-stars - Version 2This is such a fun book!  This book made me grin from ear to ear. When you read Katy’s descriptive delicacies of what to do with bananas when there are too many of them around, your taste buds will recoil and you will forget to salivate, but you WILL remember to laugh! And, the illustrations are some of the best I have ever seen. I was totally mesmerized by the pictures! This young illustrator will go far. Every child will enjoy this delightful combination of talent. I feel certain we will see more of their work coming our way. –Charlene Potterbaum

rating-stars - Version 2Banana-licious!  LOVED this book – got one for all three grandchildren. Reading is big at Grandma’s house, and who wouldn’t get a kick out of uttering phrases like “battery-powered banana rakes” and “squoosh-proof packages”? A sweet and clever book about cooperation, with delightful, detailed illustrations. For our 2 and 1/2 year old grandson, we combine reading the story with ‘I Spy-ing’ objects on the page and he can’t get enough. –Colleen Davies

rating-stars - Version 2Adorable!  What a treat! My kids giggled throughout this book. The pictures are fun and engaging. The story is silly enough to keep them interested, but has a great message. This is a book that my kids will choose again and again. Well done!–Amy Bowman Hunt

rating-stars - Version 2Delicious!  Just love this book! I can’t wait to share it with my grand nieces and nephews. It’s a lovely story, so insightful and really funny too. What a treat!–Patricia Hopkins

rating-stars - Version 2You and your kids will go bananas…over this hilarious, big-hearted and gorgeously illustrated fable about the importance of keeping elephants in our everyday lives. If your backyard is too small for a pet elephant, the frolicking pachyderms in this fanciful tale are a good substitute.–Carole Jacobs

rating-stars - Version 2So creative and whimsical!  This book is wonderful–a great message, a timeless story beautifully told that applies to all ages and gorgeous illustrations. Your little banana eater will love it–Beth D’Addono

rating-stars - Version 2My little ones loved it!  My grandchildren loved this book! The Banana Police has passed three critical tests necessary to remain “a keeper” for my little ones and for me (as the reader). First, the book caught their attention immediately with its colorful cover….The second test is how the story captures their imagination…. And the final test? The next day the children brought me the book and asked if, “We could read about the elephants and the bananas again.” That is what makes The Banana Police a keeper. This book is charming and the illustrations are fantastic. I highly recommend it.–Rose Ann King

rating-stars - Version 2Wonderful book  I enjoyed The Banana Police. It’s a great book for kids that’s entertaining and teaches in a humorous and subtle way the benefits of working together and co-existing. Good read. Well written. I highly recommend it.–Mya

rating-stars - Version 3Great way to teach children about being different.  Hard to rate a children’s book that gets the entire message that people (well, animals) are different so right. My grandson loved it. So did his mother.–Betsy Ashton

rating-stars - Version 2Love it!  Fun and well written. Sounds great to the ears, the art work is bright and perfect for kids. It is funny and love just the crazy idea and yet has meaning and little ones will get it! I have given several as gifts and this is a wonderful addition to any children’s home library. disclaimer: I know the author 🙂 but really love this book!–P.K. Wendelboe